To be successful, the Elmwood Park Rush Youth Football program requires over 1000 hours of volunteer time per season. This time is spread across a 4 or 5 Home game season, plus playoff games that we host for the League. Furthermore, this does not include coaching time, which generally consists of over 225 hours per coach per season.

From concessions to team parents, the EP Rush program can only maintain its’ expenses through the use of volunteers. Unfortunately, every year our program struggles to fill these critical hours. Many times the same group of individuals tirelessly donate their time. Our continued success depends on their donation of time and we deeply appreciate and continue to need their contribution. However, their time is not enough and it is unfair to have these individuals repeatedly invest their time in place of others that do not.

It is for this reason that the EP Rush Executive Board has decided to institute a $100.00 Mandatory Participation Fee. Many other programs institute or mandate similar participation fees (though generally greatly exceeding this amount). It is our intention to encourage more volunteering, NOT to have volunteers trade their $100.00 participation fee for the investment of their time. If this were to occur, the required fee would need to increase next year. The amount we are now asking for does not cover the cost of us hiring minimum wage help for the entire season. Please do not consider this a viable alternative.

When a player registers, a $100.00 participation fee will be added to the registration fee, only 1 fee per family. The $100.00 participation fee will be refunded at the “End of the Season Banquet” provided a parent, guardian, or adult representative of the player performs the qualifying time. Qualifying time includes Game clock/announcing, Concession Stand, Game Day Field Preparation/Maintenance, Chain Gang (*), Team Parent, Mandatory Play spotters (generally only during playoffs) and Field Closure.

(*) Chain gang slots are limited to 3 per season as they are the easiest to fill. The Board Volunteer Coordinator, Liz O’Brien, will track time.

Prior to the season (possibly during registration) sign-up sheets information will be provided for the various time slots needed. They will be filled on a fist come first served basis. This will allow parents to plan for the time they need to donate. Forfeiture of the $100.00 participation fee will be made for not meeting the minimum 15 hours required and/or for missing 2 or more volunteer assignments. Also, you are responsible for finding replacements when you sign up for a slot, if you are unable to fulfill your scheduled time.

Exceptions will be made for Coaches and Executive Board members with children in the program, provided they put in a minimum of 100 hours during the season. Coaches slots are limited to 5 per team, are not guaranteed, require a background check and approval by the Coach Coordinator.