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Elmwood Park Rush Youth Football & Cheer


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Announcement: RUSH Joins TCYFL and IRCA! Read more. >>


 The Elmwood Park Youth Football & Cheer Association is very PROUD of the hard working 3rd Grade Cheer Squad for making a bid to Illinois State in the IRCA Competition! …

The Cheerleaders and Coaches did an OUTSTANDING job in preparing for the competition!!!


The Rush Banquet is the closure of the 2017 season where we thank all the participants for their hard work and efforts throughout the season, which will take place on Friday, January 19th, 2018 at 7:00pm. Everyone is treated to a formal dinner, participants are recognized with the presentation of their Participation Trophy and the night ends with dancing, fun and more….

As always, ALL Players, Cheerleaders & Coaches are free to attend this GREAT Event.

We also welcome Family and Friends of the Players, Cheerleaders and Coaches. Family and Friends of the participants can purchase tickets for the banquet. The cost for Family and Friends is now $35.00 per ticket.  At this time, tickets can ONLY be purchased at the online.  After Friday January 5th, 2018, ticket will be sold at the door of the Banquet Hall for $45.00/Ticket.

Anyone that’s attended the event in the past will tell you that it’s a GREAT night for ALL the participants! Don’t miss the opportunity to come out Friday, January 19th, 2018 to have fun with your RUSH Family and see your son/daughter receive their trophy.

Also note that, based on capacity restraints at the Banquet Hall, tickets are limited… Because of this, please purchase your tickets before their all gone.  Buying them now also make the line go faster at the door….

Purchase your ticket by placing your name in the box below, and click on BuyNow.

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