Rush Families,

As everyone continues to face such unprecedented and uncertain times, which directly affects the lives of all of participants, their families and the community, we’re faced with very difficult decisions.

Our passion is to provide the youth within our communities an avenue for extra curriculum activity that builds character, discipline, teamwork, healthy alternatives and better student athletes.

With our main concern being the Health & Safety of our players, cheerleaders, coaches, staff and families. Based on the moth up-to-date medical information from the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the most recent revisions to the guidelines of Illinois High School Association (IHSA), a decision has made by The Chicagoland Youth Football League (TCYFL) to suspend the 2020 season.

Many programs, like the Elmwood Park Rush, are dependent on the use of School District facilities. Based on the current recommendations from the IDPH, CDC and IHSA, public facilities (i.e. School Grounds) will not be accessible for youth organizations. As a result, programs like the Rush will not have facilities to practice and/or host games.

Although some surrounding programs, which are not within TCYFL, may be advertising they are still moving forward with a season, the recommendation from the IDPH, CDC and IHSA is to refrain from Contact Sports, like tackle football. Because of this, not only will those programs will find it very difficult to find public facilities allowing them usage for games, but they’re putting you and your family at risk. This should not be taken lightly as, based on the recommendations of the mentioned accredited organizations, they’re not making the safety & health of their participants a priority.

Because of the “No Contact Sport” recommendation, The Elmwood Park Rush is currently working on initiating a Flag Football Season, which is a non-contact. Please be patient as we continue to formulate the Flag Football Season as we’ll be providing more information in the next few weeks.

To ensure you’re registered for the 2020 Flag Football Program, PLEASE register for through the current Tackle Football Registration; HOWEVER, do not make any payments yet as the fee will be minimal compared to the Tackle Fees on the current online registration form

In advance, thank you for your support and understanding.

Bernie Center
President – Elmwood Park Rush

2020 Registration FLAG FOOTBALL is now OPEN
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